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Company NameCapital City Services Ltd
Address54 Clarendon Road, Watford<
Hertfordshire WD17 1DU
United Kingdom
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Comprehensive Voice

We offer highest quality international voice termination services based on advanced technological solutions in the field of telephony, and also on the work of a professional team of traders whose tools and experience allow us to develop the most optimal routes in terms of cost and quality.

Access to any telecom operator at any point on the planet, thanks to the convenient accessibility of CCS’ presence in Frankfurt, Germany.
Per industry standards, leading indicators of quality and the Network Effectiveness ratio (NER).

International termination in more than 249 countries of the world via bilateral agreements and 300+ direct connections.
Concurrent and stable rates as well as routing established with carefully selected providers.
Access to mobile, fixed and transit telecom operators with a focus on establishing the highest quality of service.

Flexible options for mutual connection plans, depending on the technological requirements of the partner: TDM – TDM, TDM – IP, IP – IP.

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