Europeer Exchange Germany GmbH

Company NameEuropeer Exchange Germany GmbH
AddressTheodor-Heuss-Allee 112
Frankfurt-am-Main, Hessen 60486
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Country Infrastructure
  • Germany
City InfrastructureFrankfurt am Main

  • VoiP
  • Voice
Business Description

International voice carrier exchange, one-click-to-interconnect.

Hosted carrier-grade softswitch (class 4), including:
Highly scalable capacities (from E1 to STM1)
TDM interconnects via SS7/C7, PRI, ISDN (ETSI)
Conversion of VoIP protocols (H.323, SIP) into DSS1 or SS7
Technology independent call flow: TDM-to-VoIP, VoIP-to-TDM,
VOIP peering (SIP-to-SIP, H323-to-H.323)
Internetworking functionality: SIP-to-H.323 and H.323-to-SIP
NAT and topology hiding
Easy intergration into existing billing systems

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