Chinese Bitcoin Firm Bitmain To Construct A Complex Powerhouse

Chinese Bitcoin Firm Bitmain to Construct a Complex Powerhouse

Bitmain’s new datacenter

Bitmain Technologies Ltd, one of the major players in Bitcoin business has announced its plan to enhance its overall performance. This virtual mutual fund firm is known for its success in manufacturing its servers and now it has invested in constructing an extensive datacenter. The firm’s leadership based in China revealed that the upcoming data center will not only house the servers but power them too.

According to its strategic planning, the firm is geared towards completing the 45 complex solar-powered data center soon. The building of this huge power center is inspired by the desire of the firm to be part of the Bitcoin mining operation. Therefore, the data center will be a major application in this mining process that involves stakeholders in the Bitcoin’s industry. The P2P network allows the players to actively take part in the said process. The data center complex will be based in the Xinjiang, which is one of the Chinese autonomous regions. The planned building is expected to attract nearly 140 megawatts, hence having a capacity to host some of the high-speed projects globally.

The firm’s decision to build a data center to host and power its servers will go a long way in enabling it to effectively participate in the mining process. In this case, Bitmain Technologies Ltd will have the capacity to configure the parameters required to generate the encryption necessary for virtual monetary transactions for the cryptocurrency. This process is made possible by the fact that encryption that brings about the bitcoin’s blockchain is not based on an algorithm.

Sources in Bitmain said that the solar-powered data center will improve the already well performing Antminer manufacturing process. Just to put a few facts into perspective, the Antminer is an essential mining dedicated hardware component. The Antminers are known for their high power consumption since a single operational component uses up to 845W. For instance, a Bitmain’s Antminer version is normally plugged into a power supply amounting to 220V. This version of Bitcoin mining component appears like an outdoor mosquito trap positioned on its side which uses uncovered wires. Indeed, the Antminer has a total of 2600W of power output at its peak.

Bitmain’s 45 building capacity facts

An antique mining device known as a calculator revealed that around 159, 763 Antminers can be effectively powered by 135MW. With this in mind, the Bitmain’s complex with 45 buildings is likely to hold 3,550 Antminers in each building. The complex appears like a POW camp using the solar power while viewed from 3D models.

Considering that a 5U form factor of a stripped down Antminer can host 8 units, it is possible for BItmain to accommodate 8 Antminers that is if they ensure that the power consumption of every single Antminer is fully optimized.

Following this announcement, it is clear that Bitmain Technologies Ltd’s vision of building a complex data center in Xinjiang to host its servers is a viable solution to its power gaps. The center will with no doubts power their Bitcoin mining process resulting in high virtual currency production.



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