Chinese Bitcoin Firm Bitmain To Construct A Complex Powerhouse

Chinese Bitcoin Firm Bitmain to Construct a Complex Powerhouse

Bitmain’s new datacenter

Bitmain Technologies Ltd, one of the major players in Bitcoin business has announced its plan to enhance its overall performance. This virtual mutual fund firm is known for its success in manufacturing its servers and now it has invested in constructing an extensive datacenter. The firm’s leadership based in China revealed that the upcoming data center will not only house the servers but power them too.

According to its strategic planning, the firm is geared towards completing the 45 complex solar-powered data center soon. The building of this huge power center is inspired by the desire of the firm to be part of the Bitcoin mining operation. Therefore, the data center will be a major application in this mining process that involves stakeholders in the Bitcoin’s industry. The P2P network allows the players to actively take part in the said process. The data center complex will be based in the Xinjiang, which is one of the Chinese autonomous regions. The planned building is expected to attract nearly 140 megawatts, hence having a capacity to host some of the high-speed projects globally.

The firm’s decision to build a data center to host and power its servers will go a long way in enabling it to effectively participate in the mining process. In this case, Bitmain Technologies Ltd will have the capacity to configure the parameters required to generate the encryption necessary for virtual monetary transactions for the cryptocurrency. This process is made possible by the fact that encryption that brings about the bitcoin’s blockchain is not based on an algorithm.

Sources in Bitmain said that the solar-powered data center will improve the already well performing Antminer manufacturing process. Just to put a few facts into perspective, the Antminer is an essential mining dedicated hardware component. The Antminers are known for their high power consumption since a single operational component uses up to 845W. For instance, a Bitmain’s Antminer version is normally plugged into a power supply amounting to 220V. This version of Bitcoin mining component appears like an outdoor mosquito trap positioned on its side which uses uncovered wires. Indeed, the Antminer has a total of 2600W of power output at its peak.

Bitmain’s 45 building capacity facts

An antique mining device known as a calculator revealed that around 159, 763 Antminers can be effectively powered by 135MW. With this in mind, the Bitmain’s complex with 45 buildings is likely to hold 3,550 Antminers in each building. The complex appears like a POW camp using the solar power while viewed from 3D models.

Considering that a 5U form factor of a stripped down Antminer can host 8 units, it is possible for BItmain to accommodate 8 Antminers that is if they ensure that the power consumption of every single Antminer is fully optimized.

Following this announcement, it is clear that Bitmain Technologies Ltd’s vision of building a complex data center in Xinjiang to host its servers is a viable solution to its power gaps. The center will with no doubts power their Bitcoin mining process resulting in high virtual currency production.

The Launch Of The Morocco Data Center In 2017

The Launch of the Morocco Data Center in 2017

Cloud Computing Data Center in Témara, Morocco

The first Cloud Computing platform on a 100% Moroccan site was inaugurated in Témara on 19 September by the Secretary of State for Investment Othman El Ferdaous, who has multiplied the eye-openers towards ECOWAS countries. This is the first Cloud Computing platform but not the first data center in Morocco.

The Morocco DataCenter resembles a life-size lego game and extends over 2000 m2 in the outskirts of Rabat. It is built by the Medasys Group (Medafrica System, a Moroccan group created in 1995 specializing in high value-added IT). At the request of the General Directorate of Security and Information Systems (DGSSI), its first ambition is to guarantee the digital sovereignty of the Kingdom. Therefore, the important and sensitive data held by the administration remain located on the national territory. A digital security issue, but not only one of digital security.

First stone to an African digital hub

From the very first moments of his speech, Othman El Ferdaous instigated an African dimension to the Morocco Data Center project:”Among the 70 engineers, all are Moroccans but there is also a Chadian, which augurs well for the strategic depth of this data center in relation to West Africa,” he said. If the references to ECOWAS were not clear enough, the Secretary of State for Investment does not go there by four ways:”ECOWAS, which Morocco will integrate, is 750 million inhabitants in 30 years”. And so many development prospects for El Ferdaous who says that he wants to “challenge the status quo and make Morocco a “digital hub” for West Africa and animate the entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

Medasys has already embarked on this movement and has entered into a partnership with the UK-based Zircom group, a leading manufacturer and operator of data centers in the UK. The objective is to create a joint venture for the creation of a “Morocco International Gateway Datacenter”, which will address both the Moroccan and African markets. This mega data center will be five times the size of Morocco Datacenter, for an investment of 800 million dirhams, financed by European funds. “The studies will be launched from November 2017 onwards for a planned commissioning at the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019”, confides Mohammed Benmira, administrator of the Morocco Datacenter and Managing Director of Medasys, to Telquel. ma.

Reach 25,000 TPMEs and 30 administrations and large companies within 2 years

“We want to say to the public, private companies, small and medium-sized companies: focus on your core business, we’ll take care of IT,”says Mohammed Benmira. With an initial budget of 85 million dirhams, the project could reach 370 million dirhams after its development phase. Asked by Telquel. ma about the target in terms of customers, the general manager explains his ambition to reach “20,000 to 25,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and 30 large structures, both in the public administration and in private structures within 2 years “. For the time being, contracts have been concluded with Portnet (platform for the dematerialization of documentary flows relating to foreign trade) and Morocco PME, which is also a partner in the Imtiaz project.

Energy bills of MAD100,000 to MAD450,000 per month

While Othman El Ferdaous risks speaking of an “immaterial infrastructure”, it is nonetheless very tangible, with a significant cost in electricity. “From 100,000 to 450,000 dirhams per month”, confides Abdelilah Sbai, administrator of the data center. With “third party 3” technology, which allows the system to continue to operate even in the event of a unit failure, the data center is designed to run for 36 hours without electricity.

With regard to the environmental impact, managers proudly state that they “have no environmental footprint”, due to the absence of a hot air release system, avoided by cooling cabinets. However, the impressive consumption of electricity cannot be without environmental consequences, even if these are indirect.

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Working With A Data Center Partner

Working with a Data Center Partner

What to consider before choosing the right datacenter

When searching for a data center partner to work with, it is important to select a provider who can meet your business needs based on the demands of your specific industry.

First, you need to understand your business and its future growth path. Projecting into the future of your business helps in selecting a data service provider who can keep up with the pace at which your business is growing and current digital demands in the global market.  Choosing an efficient data center partner can help evolve your business by keeping your data to the edge.

Top considerations to make when selecting a data center partner

Working with data center partner enables you to make swift international business transactions while keeping your data secure. Identifying an efficient data center service provider is vital especially if you are planning to expand your business in numerous locations. The internet market has opened up opportunities for businesses to operate online meaning that if you have to be on top of the game, you need to digitalize your business. In the digital world, transactions such as placing orders, payments and banking are carried out through the internet. This translates to only one fact, that you need a data service provider who can facilitate transfer of massive data volume and secure it such that it cannot be erased or interfered with. Here are some considerations to make:

Good data center and cloud interconnects

A data center providing efficient services should be an open field that provides interconnects. Similarly, the provider should offer a platform to integrate with other cloud providers for hustle free data transfers and transactions.

In order to benefit from good interconnects and cloud integration, it is advisable to select a data service provider with technologies that offer CDN services. For instance, some of the major data service providers such as Amazon, Rackspace and Azure among others have CDN services that can benefit your business. However, if you plan to create your own CDN platform normally done by leveraging systems such as OnApp or CloudFlare among others, you still need to engage a data center for cost effective data distribution.

Heavy data distribution

A good data center service provider should have the capacity to handle heavily distributed data effectively. If you are dealing with heavy data distribution, a provider with few locations such as one or two may not help much. Therefore, you need to settle for a data service partner with numerous locations and offering powerful CDN services. Besides offering a platform for effective data delivery, the charges should be economical.

Data type to be delivered

In order to select the right data center partner for your business, it is advisable to consider the type of contents to be delivered. In this case, you may need to know the category of your business whether it is an international organization, financial institution dealing with complex transactions or a small organization. For example, if you have an international organization or a financial institution, it is important to select a data center partner who can handle enormous data distribution. On the other hand, providers such as Yottaa are ideal for small organizations dealing with web and mobile data distribution.