Keppel T&T Ltd Mega Investing in Data Center Startup

Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation has spent $10million, for a data center startup Nautilus with Patented Technology. The company made this mega investment via Keppel Data Center Pte.Ltd which is its subsidiary.

Nautilus is a Series C prefered stock funding

It is important to note that Nautilus Technologies Inc belongs to Series C preferred stock funding. Actually, Nautilus is a prestigious company known for its use of economic and eco-friendly assembled facilities that utilizes patented water cooling technology. This company is located in California State in the USA and was the only one of its kind to start a data center which is waterborne back in 2015. During this time, the company launched the dater center on a vessel, a move that depicted versatile modalities of setting up a data center in the existing and gradually growing technology market sphere.

The decision by Kepel T&T to make the investment comes as Nautilus is in the process of constructing a commercial based data center in Mare Island Naval Shipyard. This data center with an estimated power capacity of 6MW is due for launching in 2018 all things being equal. The power from this data center which is carrier neutral will be distributed among all the four data vaults that are in need to be powered.

According to Keppel T&T’s CEO Mr. Wong Wai Meng, the company has approved the investment with the intention that Nautilus data center will lead to great and quality technological innovation. This is aimed at widening their customer care in data center resources. He noted that the demand for advanced data center infrastructure is increasing hence need to up the game in this field. The investment will definitely give Keppel T&T an edge in the digital market.

Why a waterborne data center?

Keppel T&T Ltd has a great interest in Nautilus waterborne data center because it has its roots in that technology. It is interesting to know that Keppel T&T is a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Ltd. Keppel Corporation is fully immersed in investments, property, and advanced networking business both in marine and offshore markets. In fact, the company appears at the top of SGX-ST Main Board listing. Consequently, Keppel T&T tops the SGX-ST’s list due to its data centers and logistics services in European as well as Asia-Pacific regions. Today, this Keppel’s logistic subsidiary has fully established and operational centers in Singapore, providing logistic solutions tailored for specific customers. This subsidiary has accumulated an experience in the logistics field for over 40 years now.

Keppel T&T Ltd concentrates its resources on utilizing waterborne data centers other than the traditional ones. The company banks on the advantages of the waterborne centers that outmatch those of the traditional air-cooled centers. For example, the water cooled data centers belonging to Nautilus uses compound systems that can be effectively installed within half the time required to put up the traditional ones. Unlike traditional data centers that must have complex cooling towers that are costly and refrigerants, waterborne centers utilize natural water bodies to provide chilled water to cool the air in the server rooms.