Rackspace New Data Center Opens in Europe!

It is an exciting season for cloud services customers as Rackspace® makes a major investment in the European market. This Top data hosting service provider plans to open a new data center to cater for firms in need of cloud data hosting services within Germany, Switzerland and Austria (DACH) IT territory. According to the company’s managers, the data center will be based in Germany. The company intends to expand its services with the aim of providing a viable option for hosting services in the region.

The data center due for launch in mid-2017 is carefully woven serve customers in need of private hosting with completely managed VMware clouds environments. In order to come up with functional data hosting infrastructure for reliable cloud services, the provider plans to liaise with their partners, a corroboration which is intended to make this new venture a success.

Rackspace® has a proven track record of efficient, secure and reliable data hosting services globally. In fact, the company’s engineers have vast experience that has stood the test of time, in designing, deploying and operating fully optimized AWS and Azure data hosting services. To spice it up, the engineers are proud holders of over 500 AWS certifications. Engaging this team of professionals and experts in data hosting, the company projects to provide superior hosting services that are likely to broaden its multi-cloud environment service portfolio due to the great performance of the new data center.

To spearhead the operations in the new cloud center in Frankfurt, Rackspace® appointed one Mr. Alex Fuerst back in September 2016 who previously played some key IT leadership roles within the DACH territory. However, Mr. Fuerst will not act alone as he has contracted a team of specialist to facilitate successful service delivery of fully managed private cloud hosting environments in DACH territory. In this case, the team will be of great help in operating the complex AWS and Azure cloud environment as well as reducing their managing costs for the benefit of customers.

Mr. Fuerst conveyed his excitement in the upcoming Rackspace® data center in Frankfurt. He said that the cloud center which will be online soon through his leadership will meet the increasing customers’ demand for data hosting services in Germany and the DACH region at large. He added that the move of building an online data hosting center on the European continental market was motivated by the high demand for quality services of private managed clouds and hosting environments, together with professional management of AWS and Azure in the region from U.S and EMEA users. Mr. Fuerst hinted that good performance of the new data center will open doors for Rackspace to realize its dream of being the leading managed cloud service providers in DACH region.

Alex Fuerst concluded by saying that the new Frankfurt data center will increase the security of the data stored, improve performance and enhance private cloud hosting and management. This being the 12th data center managed by Rackspace® worldwide will cut cloud data operational and management costs hence making the services available and affordable to all online users.

Source: Rackspace® blog

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