CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd Acquires Linx Telecommunications B.V

It is official! CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd has acquired Linx Telecommunications B.V. This came to be after CITIC Telecom CPC met all the regulatory requirements. The deal is aimed at expanding CITIC Telecom’s network in the global market and enhancing its presence in the major target markets such as One Belt, One Road which is Chinese economic cooperation initiative, the market in Central and Eastern parts of Europe as well as Central Asia.

In a real sense, Linx Telecommunications B.V becomes a bridge for CITIC Telecom CPC to become one of the leading players in the ICT global market, especially in the Asian and European region. In his briefing, CITIC Telecom’s chairman Sir. Xin Yue Jiang highlighted that the ability of the company to penetrate “One Belt One Road” is a dream come true.

Mr. Xin Yue further explained that this has been one of the most important strategic growth plans towards which the company directed its resources to achieve. He added that through the acquisition of Linx Telecommunications B.V, CITIC Telecom will be able to widen its local and global infrastructure with Hong Kong and Macau acting as the base of their operation and fueling center for its business. At the same time, One Belt One Road offers a prime opportunity for the company to retain China as its business footstool.

Mr. Xin’s sentiments were echoed by Dr. Tiger Lin who is the CEO and Executive Director of CITIC Telcom International Holdings Limited, which is CITIC Telecom CPC’s mother company. In his statement, Dr. Tiger disclosed that the group has indeed achieved one of its expansion strategies through its successful acquisition of Linx Telecommunications B.V. He said that the expansion will eventually enhance the company’s performance in service delivery to its customers.

Dr. Tiger retaliated this project will enable the company to have a broad geographical coverage that will improve its mobility and internet. Consequently, this will bring about robust service delivery that will guarantee ever-present ICT solutions to customers in the vast global online market. He concluded by saying that the company will not rest here but dedicate more synergies and resources in acquiring more coverage globally.

Exactly what has CITIC Telecom CPC acquired?

  • One would wonder what exactly CITIC Telecom CPC will benefit with by fully acquiring Linx Telecommunications. Well here are some details:
  • A Baltic Sea submarine fiber network. This Linx’s network covers 470 kilometers with its operation centers (NOCs) based in Estonia, Moscow, and Tallinn regions.
  • Estonia’s largest internet exchange center (TLL-IX). This is made possible by the acquisition of Linx’s data center based in Tallinn.
  • Linx’s technical team comprising of ICT experts with vast experience in data centers management and network operations. The team automatically becomes CITIC Telecommunications CPC’s staff members, bringing in their Russian language proficiency and vast knowledge of coverage territory as an added advantage to the company.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s HO and CEO Mr. Stephen noted that Linx’s portfolio is a big boost to that of CITIC which already has coverage of 120 countries. CITIC Telecom has about 100 points of (POPs) in Asian, European and USA territories.

Source: ACNNewswire

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