NTT Com opens Rhein-Ruhr 1 Cloud Center in Germany

Clouds and hosting services are expanding gradually in Germany with NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) declaring that it will soon launch a data center in Bonn.  The company targets to make use of e-shelter, which is one of the leading cloud and hosting operators and service providers in the European market. NTT Com, is an ICT firm based in Tokyo, Japan, that draws its resources from different firms as it is made up of a group of companies that include;

  • Dimension Data Company

NTT Com Rhein-Ruhr has a wide area for server space of about 2,700 square meters that can be equated to 1,100 racks. This is a huge server space enough to cater for increasing customers’ demands for data cloud services.

NTT Com has a history of reliable and secure cloud service delivery thanks to its well enhanced worldwide infrastructure that serves a total of 195 regions and more than 140 data centers globally. The company has some of the top centers in the world such as Arcstar Universal One VPN network and Tier 1 IP network. NTT Com provides the following services for complete optimization of ICT environments in the region:

  • ICT consultancy
  • Building infrastructure
  • Providing data security
  • Cloud data services

NTT Com plan to expand its data services in Europe are likely to succeed greatly considering that their e-shelter subsidiary is already developing and managing high-performing data centers in the region. Basically, e-shelter provides a blueprint, builds the infrastructure, takes charge of operations and security of the premises. NTT Com’s subsidiary e-shelter secures the customer’s IT and network systems, making them readily available with maximum security in a favorable environment.

NTT Com has invested on Rhein-Ruhr 1 cloud data hosting services with over 300 combined standards for Nexcenter’s equipment and operations. These high standards will enhance data availability and save the energy as well. Indeed, the center will have an overall receiving power of 7 Megawatts. Two separate systems have been put in place for supplementary power supply if need be.

The NTT Com’s data center in Rhein-Ruhr is expected to provide services for key players in the public sector. The company seeks to respond to an increase in data hosting services within Europe. In fact, this NTT Com has been providing data center services in different parts of Europe including France, Spain, Germany, Uk, Switzerland, and Austria. It is important to note that Rhein-Ruhr is upcoming prime data centers site hence an ideal choice for NTT Com center.

As the demand for data centers continues to grow in the European market, developing viable infrastructure in Germany is vital. This role is being effectively played by e-shelter in preparation for the future digital transformation in Germany, as its founder and CEO Rupprecht Rittweger notes. In his remarks, Mr. Rittweger added that the building has been strategically designed to cater for future data centers’ needs in the region.

Source: NTT COM

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